Maternity - It all starts with a Sonogram! :)

Rachel & Chris are an amazing couple and dear friends. Rachel and I were house mates back in our final photography degree year at university. We have made some beautiful memories on the way, and here we are now! :) Rachel was very much into her third trimester when we discussed doing these pictures thus we decided to get together for a short and relaxed lifestyle session to document the beauty of maternity and embrace the amazing transformation of the female form. Not long after the shoot Rachel gave birth to a beautiful girl ‘Alice’ which I look forward to photographing very soon in an upcoming family session :)

Maternity photo shoots are not for everyone although I strongly recommend them. There are times I wish my mother had some pictures of her when she was pregnant with me or my siblings. There are many reasons for this, one simply being that I just want to see what she looked like! Some mothers to be are not comfortable with the changes that happen to their body but there is certainly a great significance and fascination in documenting the transitions and development from bump to baby. Sometimes these are captured throughout the whole pregnancy or starting sometime during the third trimester, continued with newborn photos and so forth. Its a perfect documentation of life itself in the making… I hope Alice enjoys these one day :) xxx

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