Vangelis & Olga Post Wedding shoot Alassa Cyprus // Abandoned church of Agios Nicolaos at Kouris Dam

This October I was thrilled to travel back home to Cyprus once again for this beautiful couple’s post wedding shoot. Myself and stylist Stephanie Solomonides decided a good spot for this would be the abandoned church of Agios Nicolaos (St. Nicholas) that we visited in 2012 when it was largely submerged as the Kouris dam had overflown that year. The church is believed to have been built in the 1920s inside the 13th century old Village of Alassa near Limassol. During the construction of the dam in the 1980s, a new Alassa village was also constructed at a higher elevation and the old village was then abandoned.  Since visiting the slightly visible church (images of the submerged church below) we knew we would be back! Three years later here we are and to our advantage the reservoir had dried up allowing us to use the picturesque location for this post wedding portrait session. 

As featured in Hello Magazine Cyprus, Vangelis and Olga celebrated one of their happiest days this October with their loved ones.  Cyprus met Russia in this full on Big Fat GreekCypriotRussian Wedding! In the words of the bride herself on the big day: “Time for Vodka, caviar, kalinka-malinka, a lot of nice Cypriot food and perfect weather” that sums up exactly what went down at their fun filled party :) 


Below are images of the church from my visit back in 2012 with images from this October’s recce and shoot thereafter.

As featured in HELLO Cyprus by Ό Φιλελεύθερος November 2015

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