Maria & Aki // Greek-Cypriot Wedding // Hilton Park Lane

Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination.

 ~ Voltaire ~ 

It all started in Greek school!

Maria and Aki started their wedding day with a Greek Orthodox church ceremony in North London followed by a wonderful party held at the Hilton Park Lane. As with every Greek-Cypriot wedding I started at the their homes with the traditional ceremonies and as always I had a blast with this fun couple, their friends and relatives. It’s always touching being a part of someone’s big day especially when you hear the evening speeches and you get to learn a little more about their journey together. Maria and Aki met when they were five years old at Saturday Greek school, and what a journey it has been since! Blessed with the birth of their gorgeous son Gabriel they have already shared so many memories and will be sharing so many more. 

I wish you a life together full of happiness and love. Keep smiling as you both did throughout your wedding day and enjoy life like you did your amazing wedding party ;) xxx


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